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About ICL

I Choose Life Foundation (ICL) provides support for anyone who is struggling with the enormous challenges we know life can bring. From daily stresses to bullying, isolation and divorce to loss, trauma, even overwhelming feelings of guilt, anxiety and loneliness. We know these and many more experiences can take their toll on us and often lead to our mental health crashing.

We also know that if you come to us early, especially you youngsters, we can support you to make life changing decisions. That, with a bit of effort can alter your destination forever.   

We offer one to one sessions, group work and events to help build up your momentum and offer you the chance to get back to enjoying life with a load of awesome people who are on a similar journey. See NEED HELP.

Just remember, we are here to help. So, if money is an issue, talk to us, if time is an issue, talk to us, if transport is an issue, talk to us and let’s work together to beat mental health.

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The Walk

This Boxing Day, our Founder Sarah and her dog Yume will leave Harrogate and set off to walk 500 miles around Yorkshire. She is aiming to be back in Harrogate on Saturday 26th January 2019 where she hopes you will join her to celebrate returning home.

Sarah understands that some days even getting out of bed can be a challenge, but she also knows the value of doing it. So, she is choosing to walk throughout the Christmas and New Year period, when the weather can be draining, some of us don’t have families to spend time with and holidays can seem like the loneliest time.

If you struggle during the holidays or just want some peace and quiet, why don’t you come out and walk with Sarah and Yume. Breathe in the country air, take in the incredible Yorkshire views and maybe meet other people who just get it.

You can also get even more involved and rally a load of people to support us in raising awareness and funds, so our services can continue to be delivered. The great thing is, that 50% of what you raise can be ring fenced for your own community, friends and family to be able to access our services. A great way to get the people you care about the support they need.

There are also lots of other ways to get involved like: liking our pages, sharing our posts on social media, donating, putting up posters, driving a support vehicle, helping us with accommodation, routes, and just generally spreading the word.

Let’s save lives.
The Walk




What can you do this Christmas?


Join us at our celebration event and prize giving on Saturday 26th January – all friends and families welcome. More info to follow
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