I Choose Life Foundation

Our Mission

Is to give people struggling with their mental health a sense of safety, belonging and purpose.

Our Vision

To create a safe environment where people feel they belong and together we can all find our purpose. A community of people who can thrive, not just survive.

be brave, be true, be you
Mental health we get it

ICL Challenges

Every season we pick different challenges to complete with a group of people.

The group spend time training together on the build-up to the challenge. We create a space of safety where they can openly talk about and explore their challenges.

The group makes deep connections over this time giving each person a belonging. The challenge focuses the group with a purpose.

Challenge Spring 2022

This spring we are setting off with two horses and the team to walk from Carnforth on the west coast to Robin Hood Bay on the east coast. This challenge will take place at the beginning of April, with the support of our sister charity Autism Angels.

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COVID-19 We are supporting people with their mental wellbeing through this difficult time whilst adhering to the governments latest guidelines.

Note: We are not a substitute for medical treatment or support. If you feel you can not cope or even thinking about suicide please click here >>