I Choose Life Foundation

We meet at Everyman cinema in Harrogate at 7pm Wednesday (during term times) These sessions are free

These are a great way to get new insights, see that you’re not the only one and meet others who just get it.  These groups are a fantastically supportive and safe space to be yourself, no explanations, no excuses, just you being you, your way.

“Just wanted to pass on a huge thank you for what Sarah did last night. In all my years in and out of therapy for childhood trauma all I was told was I would always have triggers. But no one has ever given me a tool to get out of the triangle.”

B from Harrogate

Group Events
Benefits to Xcite Events:

Sense of achievement, well-being, calm, happiness and relaxation. Reduces feelings of anger, fear and stress. Reduces blood pressure, heart rates and the stress hormones. 

Generally brings a renewed sense of being and connection to self, others and the world.