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I Choose Life Foundation

Our Family Support Centre is to provide support to the whole family at the time that they need it, no matter what the reason. We want to help families to get out of crisis in the shortest time possible and back to happiness and thriving, not just surviving.

We offer families access to support they need right NOW, and as many traditional support services are at capacity, our sessions are available to help families with minimal waiting times.

No-one is immune to mental health problems, signs are now even being recognised in children as young as infants and toddlers, and the current climate is putting even more pressure on every member of the family. I Choose Life (ICL) wants to reach families before even more crisis hits our lives. Suicide and attempted suicide causes devastation for everyone in the family and in turn raises the risk of greater mental health issues and even suicide throughout the people who are left behind creating a vicious circle.

20 years of experience has also taught us that it's never just one person’s problem. Seeing a loved one in pain causes pain for the whole family. This is why at ICL we work with the whole family to support everyone needs, with exactly what they need,  because not everyone is in the same place as the same time either.

To journey with ICL is like no other. We aren't here to keep adding more and more on top of you; here's another exercise, here's another strategy. We do things differently. We believe you have everything you need inside you to get through whatever has caused the pain in your life, and as a family you can get through it, you are stronger together and you will be more resilient because of it. 

We have worked with people from all walks of life and all ages. Our team has experience of opening an Ofstead registered independent school, running a training company and developing our  own models but nothing has taught us more than our own lived experiences. Shame, guilt, bereavement, anxiety, depression, PSTD and alcohol have all been friends over the years.

So we know it’s possible, because we have carried the burdens too.

The ICL Team are here to help and we can do that because we know what it feels like and we know what you can do about it.

We are passionate about supporting the whole family and their mental well being by welcoming people to our stunning farm in the Yorkshire Dales and engaging them in our unique process of transforming everyone's lives. We can also welcome you with on-line calls during this unknown time. 

Joining ICL is like being a part of a bigger family that can understand and just gets it. No judgements. No criticising. Just love and understanding, where everyone is routing for your happiness and where everyone supports you to get there. 

We welcome new families into our community for continued support and understanding. 

Call: 01423 421425 or email: for more information

Note: We are not a substitute for medical treatment or support. If you feel you can not cope or even thinking about suicide please click here >>