I Choose Life Foundation

Every season we pick different challenges to complete with a group of people. The group spend time training together on the build-up to the challenge. We create a space of safety where they can openly talk about and explore their challenges. The group makes deep connections over this time giving each person a belonging. The challenge focuses the group with a purpose.

We also have one off challenges and events happening that you can attend, these are posted below when we are running them. We also have our weekly drop in session.

Don’t forget to tell us about your own fundraising challenges you are doing for us – we’ve had people run marathons, climb Kilimanjaro, jump out of planes… and more!

How it works

Each challenge has a training period before the event, when you sign up you commit to attending the majority of these sessions to help you prepare for the final challenge. The prep is both physical and mental, as the group bonds you will explore together your fears, your strengths, the truths vs the lies and much more.

For each challenge we agree what “kit” is needed that you will need to purchase. Some maybe optional and others will be a requirement to take part. We also ask that you cover any costs for food, accommodation, travel etc yourself, so that all money fundraised can go to supporting our work.

And Fundraising, we ask that for us and for you, you ask your friends, family, colleagues to support you in this journey and sponsor you or have a fundraising event. We aim for each ICL Challenge to fund the next so we can keep helping people to thrive.

be brave, be true, be you

Upcoming Events:

COVID-19 We are supporting people with their mental wellbeing through this difficult time whilst adhering to the governments latest guidelines.

Note: We are not a substitute for medical treatment or support. If you feel you can not cope or even thinking about suicide please click here >>