I Choose Life Foundation

My Story

I have experienced many things in my life: the loss of loved ones, death right in front of my eyes, abuse and abandonment, abundance and poverty. I have experienced love that holds no bounds, freedom, adventure and pure joy that dreams are made of. I truly have swung from one end of the pendulum to the other and felt most things in-between.

I’m sure most of you reading this have had your own powerful journey. It’s now, how we see, express and share these experiences that can make us feel connected in this world or lost and lonely. For me, I choose to share my experiences, not always the detail, but certainly the feelings around them. This is what I believe keeps me connected, not only to myself but to others too.

I wouldn’t change any part of my life, as tough as it’s been at times, for it has shaped me and caused me to do the work I do, from which I receive so much in return. Most of my determination and commitment to reaching out to others comes from knowing at a deep level that you can get through it and you will be greater for it.

I sit here now, in a safe place, and I am filled with passion for life. My memories, my experiences, my hopes for the future. Hindsight has taught me so much. I’m grateful for the people I’ve met and who have supported and guided me and I’m also grateful for the ones that have hurt me, for they to have brought their lessons.

I choose to live my life to the fullest and experience all the many ways in which it appears and challenges me and the opportunities it offers, some of which I take and some I don’t. The only way I could have survived some of these experiences has been to wrap myself in loving, supportive people who also weren’t afraid to challenge me when I needed it.

This is what I offer to you now. A place where there is time, where it’s okay to ask for support, to speak up, to say how it feels, to cry, to be quiet and to just to be. A place where you can be you and you get encouraged to be just that, YOU. Doing life your way, in your time, on your terms.

I hope you will join me and come and meet this awesome community of loving people who just get it.